Top Tips for Sleeping After BBL Surgery

Top Tips for Sleeping After BBL Surgery

Get Your Beauty Sleep: BBL sleeping positions

Considering a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) to achieve a curvier, perkier backside? While the procedure can sculpt your dream physique, it also requires dedicated recovery, including adjustments to your sleep routine.

This blog dives into everything you need to know about sleeping after BBL surgery, from optimal positions to recovery essentials for a restful night's sleep.

Why Can't I Sleep on My Back After BBL?

Your surgeon will likely advise against sleeping on your back or side for the first six weeks following BBL. This is crucial to protect the newly transferred fat cells in your buttocks. Pressure on these delicate cells can disrupt their survival and compromise your results.

The Best Sleeping Position After BBL

For the initial recovery phase, stomach sleeping is your best bet. This minimizes pressure on your backside and hips.

Tips for Comfortable Stomach Sleeping:

  • Arms by your side: Avoid sleeping with your arms overhead, as this can strain your incision sites.
  • Supportive pillows: Wedge a pillow under your ankles for lower back support and another between your knees for proper spinal alignment.
  • BBL pillow: Consider using a specially designed BBL pillow with a head cutout to further elevate your upper body and ease pressure.

When Can I Sleep on My Side After BBL?

After the initial six weeks, your doctor may approve side sleeping. However, discuss proper positioning with them to avoid putting stress on your buttocks. A pillow between your legs can help maintain hip alignment.

Understanding the BBL Procedure

A BBL involves liposuction to remove fat from areas like your stomach, flanks, or thighs. This fat is then purified and strategically injected into your buttocks to enhance their shape and volume.

Recovery Essentials for Quality Sleep

  • Prepare your sleep environment: Invest in a comfortable mattress, soft lighting, and calming music to create a sleep-conducive atmosphere.
  • Pain management: Use pain medication prescribed by your doctor to ensure discomfort doesn't disrupt your sleep.
  • Dietary adjustments: Avoid heavy meals and alcohol before bed, as they can make stomach sleeping more uncomfortable. Opt for a cup of chamomile tea to promote relaxation.
  • Supportive pillows: Utilize pillows strategically for comfort and to prevent rolling onto your back or side during sleep.


Following these tips will help you navigate post-BBL sleep challenges and ensure a smooth recovery. Remember, prioritizing proper sleep is vital for optimal healing and achieving your desired BBL outcome.

Common FAQs:

  • How long after BBL can I lie on my back? You should generally wait at least six weeks after BBL surgery before lying on your back. It's always best to consult your doctor for specific guidance on your recovery timeline.
  • How long is bed rest for BBL? There isn't strict bed rest after BBL, but you will need to limit strenuous activity for several weeks. Your doctor will provide detailed instructions on activity restrictions.
  • How to sleep after fat transfer to hips? Similar to BBL recovery, stomach sleeping is recommended for the first six weeks after fat transfer to the hips. Pillows can be used for support and proper alignment.
  • What are the don'ts after BBL? Avoid strenuous activity, sitting for long periods, and sleeping on your back or stomach for the first six weeks. You should also wear a compression garment as instructed by your doctor.
  • How to sleep after BBL and lipo: The sleeping recommendations after BBL and liposuction are the same. Stomach sleeping is ideal for the first six weeks, followed by side sleeping with proper hip alignment using pillows.
  • How to sleep after BBL and breast augmentation: Recovery from combined BBL and breast augmentation may require additional support pillows and specific sleep positions to avoid pressure on both surgical sites. Consult your doctor for personalized instructions.
  • When can I sleep on my side after BBL and hips? After the initial six weeks of recovery, your doctor might clear you for side sleeping with proper positioning to minimize pressure on your buttocks and hips.
  • BBL sleeping hacks: Utilize a BBL pillow, strategically placed regular pillows, and a comfortable sleep environment to promote stomach sleeping during the initial recovery phase.
  • How to sleep with a BBL pillow: A BBL pillow typically has a head cutout to elevate your upper body and a flat surface for your stomach. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper positioning.
  • How long can you lay on your back after BBL? It's recommended to avoid lying on your back for at least six weeks after BBL. Always consult your doctor for specific instructions based on your individual recovery.
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