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BBL Pillow After Surgery Seat Cushion

Easy to Clean

Best Brazilian Butt Lift

Portable & Compact

Discrete & Stylish

Designed to help you with your bbl recovery while blending In with your daily activities

Grab That Booty Pillow!

You may build stronger, more sculpted glutes with workouts. But a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is an alternative for people seeking dramatic or rapid results.

However, following a BBL procedure and doing your everyday business can be challenging. Finding a comfortable sitting position might be difficult, and improper sitting can ruin the entire procedure.

At My Booty Pillow, we’ve designed the perfect post-surgery cushion to be your best booty pillow pal post a BBL procedure.

You need support following BBL operations, but not at the expense of comfort! The My Booty Pillow is helpful for surgeries that prevent sitting during recovery, such as BBL, butt augmentation, and other buttock related procedures.

The booty cushion is portable enough to go anywhere you need to go, including your car, place of employment, transit system, and school. Additionally, it prevents the discomfort of remaining standing for long durations!

You can rest and take it easy for a while after a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery with our best booty pillows on sale. 

Let our BBL booty cushion handle the work for you while you comfortably recover!


BBL is also called a Brazilian Butt Lift and is a cosmetic procedure involving fat transfer and liposuction. To provide the butt with a distinct shape, volume, and lift, fat from the back and waist region is extracted and transferred to the butt. BBL makes the buttock appear more appealing and proportionate.

BBL is safe, although the procedure can be uncomfortable, and it may not recover immediately. People will find it challenging to sit and move around on any surface throughout this healing phase. No matter where you are, we have designed the best booty pillows that are comfortable for you to use and carry.

Do I Need a Booty Pillow?

The BBL procedure requires the usual postoperative recovery time. However, since the surgery focuses on your buttocks, it can be challenging to sit or place weight on them. No position is comfortable, and it can hinder your recovery if you make any mistake that can damage the procedure.

Our BBL Booty Pillow resolves this issue by shifting the weight from your butt to your thighs. The BBL cushion can be worn with our compression garment, which will lessen bruising and improve butt and abdominal contouring.

When used with your compression garment, the booty cushion, which offers firm support, enables you to obtain the desired cosmetic results while resting pleasantly and securely. You can ensure a quicker recovery by removing the barriers and enabling you to recover in comfort and safety.

Our allergen-free and wash-friendly buttock cushions are ideal for many functions, including being the best BBL pillow for driving, work, and home. Our various colors and sleek designs make it an excellent accessory for special or formal occasions.


This treatment is not as invasive as other surgical procedures. So, you might feel comfortable returning to some light activity soon. But experts advise refraining from using your butt for a few weeks.

The design of our BBL booty cushion enables complete recovery! The My Booty Pillow was created with the patient’s experience in mind. It comes in various sizes to help cover the surface area of your buttocks. The buttock surgery pillow relieves pressure from the area when you sit and transfers it to your thighs instead.

Your body will supply blood to the grafted area for the first three to four days after your Brazilian Butt Lift, giving the newly transferred fat the nutrition it needs to survive. It’s essential to avoid placing strain on the area because most of the transplanted fat will blend in with the surrounding tissue.

Sitting down enables you to return to your regularly scheduled programming, such as work, or even sit down to enjoy a meal while giving your bum a break!

Why Purchase a My Booty Pillow?

Because of their adaptability, premium construction, and several uses, our recovery booty cushions make the perfect post-surgery accessory.

  • Speeds up post-operative recovery without compromising results.
  • Hard-cut foam lifts the buttocks and alleviates the pressure on them.
  • Maintains its shape when in use and is steady.
  • Promotes equal weight distribution.
  • Easily washable.
  • Lightweight, convenient, and excellent for travel.
Worked great after my surgery. Used for 8 weeks and just brought it everywhere.
Drew D
Nice product. The pillow functioned as intended. It is very comfortable and at the same time sturdy enough to support your butt from touching any surfaces.
Kylie K
It helped me a lot. Thanks to my booty pillow.
Staisy J

Release pressure

MY BOOTY PILLOW has a comfortable design and added back support to make your recovery as painless as possible.

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Patients that need to return to work after one week may sit on a BBL pillow.