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To obtain the best results from a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery, patients must take specific measures following the procedure. The success rate of fat cell transplantation to the buttocks is directly linked to the patient's actions. Nine essential aspects should be considered to optimize the outcome of BBL surgery. These aspects involve refraining from smoking, sitting without a bbl pillow, driving without a bbl driving pillow, staying hydrated, consuming nutrient-dense foods, not sleeping on the back, maintaining a stable weight, wearing appropriate garments, and engaging in light exercises after eight weeks of surgery. Patients should avoid smoking post-surgery as it hinders the flow of oxygen and nutrients in the bloodstream, which slows down the recovery process. Additionally, patients should avoid sitting or driving without a bbl pillow for six to eight weeks after surgery to prevent squeezing and suffocating newly transferred fat cells. Patients should also maintain hydration and consume foods rich in essential minerals, vitamins, and healthy fats. It is also vital to sleep in a proper position, maintain a stable weight, and wear healing-supportive garments. Lastly, patients should avoid strenuous activities for the initial two months of recovery and opt for light activities such as walking, elliptical or hack squat machines after eight weeks.

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