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Brazilian Butt lift Pillow hack-Woman's Creative Solution to Oversized Carry-On Dilemma

By any means necessary’: Woman comes up with innovative solution after being told her carry-on is too big



Sarah Kester


Posted on Oct 5, 2023

A woman has come up with a creative solution to Frontier Airlines saying that her carry-on is too big. She hid the bag in the back of her pants, giving the illusion of a large backside.

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“Keep it FREE sis,” Shewana (@theonpoint1) captioned her video, which reached almost 800,000 views by Thursday. She also added the hashtags, #instantBBL (Brazilian butt lift) and #doingwhatigottado. 
@theonpoint1Keep it FREE sis#frontierairlines#blackwomentravel#instantBBL#doingwhatigottado♬ Da Butt – Larry D
The clip shows several pictures of Shewana wearing the bag inside her green leggings, with a jean jacket around her waist to avoid suspicion. 

According to the Frontier Airlines website, carry-on bags can’t be larger than 24 inches tall, 18 inches wide, and 8 inches wide. They can’t be heavier than 35 pounds, and must be able to fit in the flight’s overhead compartment or under the seat.

Personal items, such as purses and computer bags, are also allowed, granted they are no larger than 14 inches tall, 18 inches wide, and 8 inches long. These bags must fit inside the bag sizer located at the airline gate.

Commenters loved the TikToker’s innovative solution to getting around extra baggage fees. 

“Yasss dat booty ain’t to big for da seat,” a woman wrote, with laughing emoji.

“I’m hollering!” another commented. “I bet they didn’t even question it.” Shewana replied, writing, “Nope,” with laughing emoji. 

A Frontier Airlines flight attendant even gave Shewana their stamp of approval. “As a frontier flight attendant I approve and would open the overhead bin for you!” they wrote. 

Several viewers wished they had seen Shewana’s creative hack earlier. “They charged me 99 at the gate and you’re telling me I could’ve just did this,” a user wrote. 

Meanwhile, some have already used a similar approach while flying. “I put my purse in my sweatshirt when flying spirit so i looked a lil chunkier so they wouldnt say nothing abt me [having] 2 personal items,” another commented. 

This isn’t the first time passengers have gotten creative to avoid paying for baggage fees. 

One TikToker went viral for sneaking extra items inside of their travel pillow. Another used their foot to make a checked bag seem lighter than it was. 

This hack was shared by the band Bed Sweater (@bed.sweater). The video showed one of the bandmates placing their foot underneath the scale while the bag was being weighed and lifting up the scale with their foot. 

 bbl pillow hack avoid paying baggage with your airline


@bed.sweaterthe baggage lady was cool about it#airport#music#band#explore♬ All Keyed Up – Ben Tankard

The Daily Dot reached out to Shewana and Frontier Airlines.

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