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  1. Failure to discuss postoperative instructions before the surgery is a major red flag to watch out for in your plastic surgeon.
  2. tt is common for patients to meet their surgeon on the day of the surgery or not at all. They are then discharged from the clinic without any follow-up care or instructions, which can lead to severe consequences for patients.
  1. Lack of board certification is a red flag to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon.

While choosing a non-board certified doctor may be cheaper, the cost of treating complications resulting from their lack of training can be much higher. Additionally, putting oneself at risk of such complications is not a reasonable tradeoff.

  1. No written contract is another red flag to be aware of when selecting a plastic surgeon.

Verbal agreements alone are not enough. A written contract is necessary to ensure that your surgeon is legally bound to fulfill their verbal promises. If they fail to provide a written contract before the surgery, they may not be obligated to follow through with their assurances.

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