How to Use a Buttock Cushion Correctly after BBL?

How to Use a Buttock Cushion Correctly after BBL?

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) reshapes and enlarges the butt to give the patient a beautiful silhouette by transferring the body fat that was removed from their body through liposuction. Liposuction removes fat from the body's excess fat-bearing areas. This fatty tissue is cleaned, treated, and injected using specialized syringes on both sides of the hips in an even, thin layer. Contact should be avoided for a while for the adipose tissues (fatty tissue) implanted in this area to be permanent.

Resting and engaging in relaxing activities during this time will be appropriate. It will take several months after the Brazilian butt lift procedure for your butt to develop. During this procedure, some transferred fat will be expelled from the body, and the edema will gradually subside. If you must sit, it is recommended to use a buttock cushion as it goes under your lower thigh and relieve the strain on your buttocks.

What Is a Buttock Pillow/Cushion?

This is a specialized cushion that is used to relieve strain on the buttocks. It is recommended to use this cushion after a Brazilian butt lift procedure to avoid putting pressure on the area where the adipose tissues were implanted. A buttock cushion is essential as it helps distribute the weight evenly, preventing any pressure on the newly implanted adipose tissues. It is a specialized cushion that goes under your lower thigh and supports your buttocks, making it comfortable to sit for short periods. So, if you have recently undergone this procedure, use a buttock pillow/cushion.

Additionally, sitting is a necessity in almost every aspect of daily life. Therefore, you must take your pillow whenever you leave the house. This will cause you a great deal of inconvenience if it is heavy. The good news is that BBL pillows are so light that you won't even notice their weight on your hands.

How Do You Use a Buttock Cushion?

If you must sit down, put a pillow under your hips and upper thighs to prevent the healing process from being hampered. You can use specially-made buttock cushions for the BBL procedure. As a result, the hip will be somewhat protected from pressure. To begin, place the BBL pillow at the edge of the driver's seat closest to the steering wheel, for instance, if you want to drive. Place your lower thighs on the BBL pillow, leave your butt over the pillow's back, and raise yourself off the seat as you climb into the car. Completely recline against the back of the automobile seat.

How to Care for The Pillow

You ought to know how to take care of your buttock cushion because you'll probably use it daily. You'll carry it with you until your recovery is complete. After washing, it would be ideal to let your cover dry in the sun. For best results, air dry the cover after washing it. This will leave it wonderfully clean for your next use. However, you can dry it in your dryer if you need it early.


The Brazilian Butt Lift Buttock Cushion by My Booty Pillow is a crucial recovery aid for BBL patients, offering consolation and support throughout the healing process. Thanks to its cutting-edge design and surgeon-approved features, the pillow ensures optimal results while enabling patients to resume their daily activities comfortably.

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