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My Booty Pillow luxury bbl pillow collection:

Is purchasing the Booty BBL Pillow collection worth it?

Yes! It gives you a five star performance. The My Booty Pillow provides optimal support and comfort after your bbl surgery. We use premium e.v.a foam and polyurethane to make our bbl pillows so we can provide a durable yet cushioned pillow. It will not lose it's shape and it is reliable throughout the recovery process. Our pillows curvature allows for one to sit while their booty avoids direct contact with the pillow so there is no pressure or damage that can be caused to fat grafts.

The difference between My Booty Pillow bbl pillow collection and our competitors. 

Unlike low-quality pillows, that flattened quickly the My Booty Pillow Collection won’t go flat after only a few months.The foam is designed to keep its shape without bunching or distorting, no matter how much you move around in your Pillow. The bounce-back design allows this pillow to conform to your body while retaining its shape over time. Our BBL recovery pillow is patented so it is one of a kind. On The My Booty Pillow website you can see we offer many BBL recovery kits and packages. The BBL pillow kits may contain, back rests, back boards, massage rollers, lipo foam, urinals, ab compressing boards etc. Also, The My Booty Pillow bbl pillow is lightweight, and therefore it is easy to travel with. We offer tote bags and drawstring bags that allow you to conviently bring your bbl pillow to your car, workplace, etc. 

Final Thoughts

The My Booty Pillow Collection pillow’s foam and comfortable design make it a suitable pillow to recover from your bbl surgey. It provides excellent support paired with a plush softness removable cover for a comfortable and pain-free recovery. These bbl cushion pillows resist flattening and shifting for many months for a more pleasant recovery.


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