BBL pillows from My Booty Pillow



  1. Shape: The my booty BBL pillow has a curved design that allows your booty to hang off the edge while sitting to alleviate pressure on your butt and prevent damage to the fat grafts.

  2. Material: The Brazilian but tlift booty pillow is made of a firm yet comfortable material that provides necessary support while keeping you comfortable. Foam materials like E.V.A foam and premium polyurethane foam are commonly used for our BBL butt pillows.

  3. Size: The Brazilian butt lift recovery support cushion designed by my booty pillow has the right size for multiple body shapes, with enough space for your buttocks to hang off the edge. 

  4. Portability: Our booty pillows are lightweight and easy to transport. We offer quality drawstring and tote bags. 

  5. Easy to Clean: Our brazilian butt lift pillows have removable covers that are machine washable to ensure that the pillow stays clean and hygienic during the recovery period.

  6. Durability: Our butt pillow are sturdy (yet comfortable), so it can last for the entire recovery period without losing its shape or support. 

It's also important to consult with your surgeon or doctor for their recommendations on what type of pillow to use during your Brazilian butt lift recovery, as they may have specific recommendations based on your individual needs and the details of your surgery.

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