brazilian butt lift surgery


Here's a list of items that you may want to consider purchasing before your BBL surgery:

  1. Compression Garments: My Booty Pillow offers compression garments that You'll need to wear after your surgery to help reduce swelling and support the healing process.

  2. BBL Pillow: You'll need a special pillow My Booty Pillow to sit on after your surgery. This will help keep pressure off of your buttocks, which is important for proper healing.

  3. Antibacterial Soap: Your surgeon may recommend using a specific antibacterial soap to help prevent infection.

  4. Arnica Cream or Gel: Arnica is a natural remedy that can help reduce bruising and swelling. Your surgeon may recommend using an arnica cream or gel after your surgery. 

  5. Stool Softener: Pain medication and anesthesia can cause constipation. Your surgeon may recommend using a stool softener to help alleviate this issue.

  6. Ice Packs: Ice packs can help reduce swelling and discomfort after your surgery.

  7. Loose Clothing: After your surgery, you'll want to wear loose, comfortable clothing that won't put pressure on your buttocks.

  8. Brazilian Butt Lift Booty Pillow: There are special butt pillows designed specifically for BBL recovery like, My Booty Pillow, that can help you sit comfortably without putting pressure on your buttocks. We offer pillows with E.V.A foam and polyurethane so these pillows are durable, but remain cushioned as well, so they will not flatten or contort through the recovery process and beyond. 

Overall, a BBL recovery essentials might include compression garments, a BBL pillow, antibacterial soap, arnica cream, stool softener, ice packs, and loose clothing. However, it's important to follow your surgeon's specific recommendations for your individual recovery.





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