Tips for Post-Liposuction Aftercare

Even though liposuction is an elected cosmetic surgery, it is still a major surgery, which can have complications just the same. If you do not get enough rest or do not practice the required post-surgery care routines, you can hinder the healing process and on occasion even ruin the surgery. Liposuction has become a common enough surgery, one that does not require complicated post-surgery care. Mentioned below are a few things to keep in mind during your aftercare period that will ensure that you get the best possible results from your surgery.

Compression Garments

Liposuction like most cosmetic surgeries requires patients to wear compression garments after the surgery in order to minimise swelling and aid the healing process. The compression garment applies pressure to the area which in turn reduces fluid build-up and hastens the recovery.

Healthy Diet and Rest

The body needs a ton of nutrition, hydration, and rest to recover from surgery, even a cosmetic one. In order to ensure that your body is healing in the most effective and quickest way possible, you should eat a healthy diet post-surgery and get sufficient rest.


While you should be staying away from strenuous exercise after your BBL surgery, you should not be ‘sitting on your ass’, figuratively either. In order to get your body back to normal physicality you need to give yourself room to move around and keep yourself active. Simply walking around the house should be enough exercise.

Check for Infection

You should watch out for any signs of infection from the moment your surgery is done. If there are any complications, you should reach out to your surgeon as soon as possible. One of the biggest causes of post-liposuction complications is smoking, and it should be avoided at all costs.

Figure Out How to Sit and Sleep

Post-BBL surgery you need to avoid sitting or sleeping on your butt in order to maintain the integrity of the surgery and avoid complications. You need to figure out creative ways of sitting or sleeping so that you do not damage the newly moved fat cells. Sitting can shift the cells and completely alter the results of the surgery.

If you are looking for an easy solution to your seating and lying down problem, you should check out the BBL foam boards available on the market. One of the best cojin para gluteos for post Brazilian Butt Lift care is Lipo Foam Lumbar Molder Board for Liposuction made by My Booty Pillow. This BBL board provides you with the additional back support you need after your surgery in order to improve the post-surgery lymphatic drainage to give you the best possible results.

The BBL board made by My Booty Pillow features a breathable, ergonomic, flexible, and firm modern design that is meant to give you as much comfort as possible. Essentially, how this board works is that it reduces the dead space between the compression garments and acts as a soft barrier for the sensitive skin and keeps the treated area completely flat. By compressing the lower back region, you can maintain even pressure on the lumbar area. This compression helps the skin to reattach itself to the muscles, which will eventually ease bruising and minimize the risk of hematomas and swelling during the recovery process.

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