It is important to know your doctors post-surgery recommendations regarding using a binder or compression garment. Usually, a tummy tuck or brazilian butt lift is needed for the first couple of weeks to help with swelling and help the healing process. After, our post-surgical garments: stage one faja and stage two faja and more.

The purpose of our large selection is to make sure women of all shapes and sizes can enjoy our products. If you're looking for compression garments, pillows for brazilian buttlift recovery or shapewear, My Booty Pillow has much for you to choose from. We have low-prices and ship worldwide asit's important to us that women look and feel their best. Our pillows come in green, pink, black and blue so you can remain fashion through the bbl recovery process.

When choosing a garment, choosing the corect compression level and size si important to ensure effectiveness and comfort. The garment shoould fit not too tight, as this can compramise circulation and led to one feeling uncomfortable. It is also recommended to choose a My Booty Pillow garment with coverage to make one seem proportional and prevents indentations and bulges.

My Booty Pillows  provide high-quality shapewear like our tummy tuck and bbl pillows whivh are made from made from moisture-wicking breathable material to so you will not have a problem with skin irritation. You shoudl also consider using a garment with adjustable closures because of swelling during the bbl recovery, tummy tuck process.

Start looking at our collection today to buy the best bbl pillows/shapewear wear  and recovery supplies that are right for you! 

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