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 My Booty Pillow is a small business run by women that are committed to aiding BBL patients in their recovery process. After witnessing the severe discomfort that many women experienced following their Brazilian butt lifts, we realized that most were unaware of potential solutions to their predicament. They found it difficult to perform basic tasks and were anxious about using the restroom, which should have been their primary focus while recuperating. To address these issues, we sought out top-quality materials such as E.V.A foam and polyurethane and began designing BBL recovery pillows. We have since expanded our product line to include My Booty Pillow cushions, My Booty Pillow toilet risers, My backrests, and more, offering a variety of options to alleviate discomfort and inconvenience. We believe that your comfort and style should not be compromised by BBL surgery, so My Booty products come in pink and black. 

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