Why You Need BBL Post Surgery Kit and How to Buy the Right One

The Brazilian lift is a popular surgical procedure in which the fat removed from the abdomen, lower back, and thighs is purified and injected into the buttocks to give it a dramatic look and effect.

If you have planned to undergo the BBL surgery, you might need a BBL surgery supply kit to recover on time and avoid discomfort during the minimum six-week recovery period.

After the BBL surgery, you may want to gather the necessary supplies to retain the shape post-surgery. BBL surgery supplies are sturdy and support the surgery site effectively. Lacking or being careless about a BBL surgery supply kit might hamper healing after surgery.

How to Buy the Right BBL Surgery Supply Kit

Since quality lasts a long time, it is advised to buy the BBL kit only from a trusted brand. At the same time, you should be cautious about brands that charge unnecessarily high prices for a mere two to three BBL post-surgery essentials, which may be unreasonable.

It is also recommended to order a complete kit with selected products at once instead of purchasing individual essentials, as the second option might cost you more.

Your BBL surgery supply kit should comprise all the essentials prescribed by the surgeon to speed up the recovery phase. Missing out on any essentials might interfere with the natural healing process or loosen the shape of the graft site.

BBL supplies might cost you a minimum of 65 dollars, with the cost scaling up with every item added to the kit. A standard BBL surgery supply kit usually consists of a BBL pillow, a lumber BBL board, a female urinal, BBL Compression AB board, Compression garments/Fajas, Lipo massage roller, Lipo foam 360, and Lipo backboard. The components may vary more or less based on the incision and technique used to suction the fat out during the procedure.

Positives of Ritually Using the BBL Surgery Supply Kit!

A BBL surgery supply kit is vital for anyone who has recently undergone a Brazilian lift. Doctors and patients worldwide both regard it as magical for improved tissue recovery after surgery. Daily use of the BBL kit afterward ensures you catch up with your previous exercise routine and daily activities.

Furthermore, alongside the body’s natural progress towards recovery, compression garments, Lipo massage roller, Lipo foam 360, and Lipo backboard assist by suitably bracing the harvest area and preventing fluid buildup at the site of liposuction. Hence, reducing the fear of draining fluid from the site of the incision.

Moreover, the BBL kit helps the fat grafts properly integrate with the natural tissue. Hence, it is critical for shape retention since fat is of a semi-permanent nature and needs firm support to stabilize and mold as desired.

What Does the BBL Surgery Supply Kit Assure?

  1. It molds the skin with the inner tissue and helps the fat integrate naturally.

  2. It relieves swelling and discomfort, which might be irksome for patients.

  3. It accelerates the healing process by maintaining adequate blood flow.

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