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Brazilian Butt Lift BBL Pillow for Car or Sitting


Use this BBL Pillow for Plane Travel or Driving Finally, a BBL pillow made to assist anyone that needs to sit while recovering from a Brazilian Butt Lift. If you need to drive during your BBL recovery you will love using this assisted seating driving pillow. It will keep your buttocks elevated by transferring the pressure of sitting normally to your upper thighs. The contouring design helps keep your thighs in place for a comfortable worry-free drive. It has a high back and a low front similar to a wedge. Provides the ultimate comfort by contouring to your thighs while keeping your rear elevated and away from touching the car seat. Can be used anywhere that you may need to sit beside driving. Package includes: 1 BBL Driving pillow and 1 portable female urinal Measurements: 15 1/2" x 9" x 4" Order Now and have it before your BBL surgery! UPC: 860007147920

Say Hello to the Brazilian Butt Lift BBL Pillow for Car or Sitting

The Brazilian butt lift, also called a BBL, is one of the most widely used fat grafting techniques. The surgery uses the patient’s fat from other body parts to sculpt the buttocks and create volume.

Although most patients who have a BBL feel the finished product and contoured appearance they gain from the surgery are well worth it, BBL patients occasionally encounter some inconveniences in the days and weeks after their procedure.

Following this operation, it will be necessary to modify any activities that put direct pressure on the butt, such as managing the driving challenges.

The BBL pillow for driving from My Booty Pillow is the ideal restorative and rehabilitation aid for sitting or driving.

Work, TV, eating, reading, and driving can all be done without interfering with the process!

Our BBL butt lift pillow has many advantages, including the following:

  • Allows your butt to hang free without additional pressure while supporting your thighs.

  • Eases blood circulation, reduces fat reabsorption, and expedites recovery.

  • The firm foam ensures it never becomes flat.

  • It’s lightweight, portable, and fits practically on all seats.

How to Use a Butt BBL Pillow for Driving

After five days of rest, you can consult your surgeon before returning to the driving wheel. Driving for 20 minutes at a time for at least three weeks after your surgery is advised.

If you find yourself traveling farther than recommended, stop every 30 minutes to stretch, move around, and reposition yourself.

It’s easy to sit down on our BBL pillow for cars. Place the Brazilian butt lift pillow at the edge of the driver’s seat closest to the steering wheel.

Put your lower thighs on the BBL butt pillow as you climb into the car, keeping your butt over the back of the pillow and slightly elevated off the seat. Completely recline against the back of the seat.

Extra padding, like our My Booty Pillow back support cushion backrest, would be necessary to support your back and maintain your posture.

Make sure your feet are sufficiently close to the pedals. Unevenly using the brakes or the gas can exert pressure on the fat cells that have been inserted.

The results of a BBL will be worth the effort, even though recovery can be challenging, which is why a soft and firm Brazilian butt lift pillow is your best companion post your surgery!