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Simple Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Flat Sitting Pillow


This is our simplest and least expensive pillow. It can be used to sit anywhere during your recovery. Soft enough to sit comfortably and firm enough that it will not sink in while providing the perfect height and support. Keeps your buttocks elevated so they won't directly touch the seat or chair you use. Perfect for sitting at work Flying on a plane Eating out with friends Taking a break from lying on your stomach at home Package includes 1 Simple Pillow & 1 Free Female Urinal DIMENSIONS: 17" x 8" x 4" Product Description

Simple Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Flat Sitting Pillow

Many individuals need to be made aware of what a BBL cushion is since they are more concerned with the outcomes of the operation than the healing process. After this treatment, you won’t sit or sleep on your back for a while. Your doctor will advise you to use a BBL sitting pillow for a few weeks, which will help you to sit comfortably.

The most critical period for maximizing the outcomes is the first three weeks. For comfort and the best results, paying attention to your booty area for a few months after surgery is crucial. Switching from a curved to a flat pillow is encouraged as your recuperation proceeds.

My Booty Pillow’s BBL cushions are designed to relieve the pressure from your booty and protect the transferred fat cells from being compromised. We have the curved cushion and the simple flat BBL sitting pillow for your post-surgery needs.

Flat Pillow for a Curved Booty

This is the most uncomplicated and affordable cushion we provide. Throughout your recovery, you can use it anywhere you choose to sit. While offering the ideal height and support, it’s firm to prevent you from sinking in and soft enough to make sitting comfortable.

The BBL sitting pillow maintains your buttocks raised, so they don’t come in contact with the seat or chair you are using.

  • Ideal for working while seated.

  • Carry it while boarding a plane.

  • Place it while having guests over to eat.

  • No need to inconvenience yourself by resting on your stomach while at home.

  • Package contains sizes: 17” x 8” x 4”, one simple pillow & 1 complimentary female urinal.

The ‘Perks’ of Using a Simple Flat BBL Pillow

A BBL pillow is designed with a solid yet supple structure to ensure that you sit comfortably and at a suitable elevation to prevent wearing out your thighs.

  1. Doesn’t Exert Pressure on Your Butt

    The BBL sitting pillow enables you to sit comfortably without impeding the outcome of your surgery. You can’t apply pressure to the transferred fat cells by sitting or resting on your back while they are settling and healing. Fortunately, you can prop up your thighs on your BBL pillow while leaving your butt relaxed.

  2. Perfect for Everyday Use

    Sitting is unavoidable in your daily life. So, you’ll need to carry your pillow with you every time you leave the house. The BBL sitting pillows are lightweight and can fit nearly all chairs.

  3. Comfortable for Sitting

    The BBL pillows offer ergonomic shapes, robust support systems, and ideal heights to ensure comfort. In addition, they provide stable support that can hold around 200 pounds without collapsing. Hence, you will feel more comfortable than ever if you place the pillow correctly and support your back.

Get your BBL sitting pillow for a smoother recovery today!