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Complete BBL post Surgery Supplies Plastic Surgery

$64.99 $72.00

Reduce Swelling After Surgery With our BBL Essential Supplies

This post op essentials package includes: lumbar molder board, abdominal board, 3 pack lipo foam, female urinal
  • LIPO BOARD With comfortable Lipo Foam Use for Post Surgery Garments, postoperative, Liposuction, or postpartum helping inflammation. It allows the skin to accede to the muscle & Mold your body.
  • ★ANATOMICAL FORM, defines and shapes the lumbar area. Moderator Lumbar Its constant use prevents the retention of fluids in the lower area of the back. IDEAL after liposuction helping the post-surgical process LUMBAR MOLDER Post-Surgical & Back liposuction Board
  • LATERAL PROTECTORS with Use of Post Op Compression Garments These side guards have soft seams that don't mark the skin. External lining fabric is specially design to help protecting skin from chafing motion & uncomfortness. Ergonomic & when placing the compression garment on, they become virtually invisible. Use with: Fajas Colombianas, Fajas Operatorias,Post Operative Garments.
  • ★ POST OPERATIVE: Ideal use for Liposuction procedures, Tummy Tucks, C - Section any Post Surgical operation. Our Second Stage Garment will assist on offering even compression on abdomen & lumbar area to decrease inflammation gradually, prevent collection of liquids, avoid pain & accomplish full recovery.

The Perfect Post-BBL Companions

If you look around, you’ll notice that having a more rounded butt is fashionable. Never has the desired “hourglass” figure been more in style. While many people use diet and exercise to tone their bum, a cosmetic procedure is sometimes required to achieve the desired results.

The natural way to give your body the form you want is with a Brazilian butt lift or a BBL. A rounder, more luscious butt tends to be fashionable as beauty trends shift and develop. Some celebrities have embraced improving their butts in recent years, and a fat transfer or Brazilian butt lift is the most popular procedure.

Fat is grafted to the buttock, extracting it from a “problem area.” It’s minimally invasive, generally safe, and produces fantastic results. However, because fat rather than an implant is used, extra attention is needed compared to other surgeries.

Recovery essentials like My Booty Pillow’s complete BBL recovery supplies post-plastic surgery are your perfect companions. Designed to help ease pain, improve posture, and make seating comfortable, the post-operative recovery kit is a must-have.

How to Maintain Your Post-Operative BBL Butt?

Following post-operative instructions is crucial to receiving the best results. Keeping healthy and averting scenarios that may compromise the procedure is required. For the best results, the following should be considered:

  • Wear the appropriate compression clothing to aid in skin tightening and enhance healing.

  • Refrain from smoking, vaping, or using other tobacco products as it slows healing and reduces blood oxygen supply. It can hinder the transferred fat cells from forming.

  • Avoid driving, exercising, or engaging in any intense activities.

  • Resting while lying on your side or stomach will hasten the healing process and help the swelling to subside more rapidly.

But those who work or live an active lifestyle will require practical solutions that make life comfortable and aid in the healing process.

My Booty Pillow’s BBL post-surgery supplies will sail you through recovery like a breeze. Here’s what you get in the kit:

  • Lumbar molder board

  • Abdominal board

  • 3-pack lipo foam

  • Female urinal

Benefits of the BBL Post Surgery Supplies

You may be surprised to learn how much time you spend sitting during the day without realizing it. But for three weeks following your Brazilian Butt Lift, your patience in enduring pain while sitting will undoubtedly be tested.

The fragile fat cells in your new bottom are put under much strain when you sit down, even on a plush cushion. You can use the restroom, but try to limit your time spent sitting, which can also be cumbersome. For these reasons, our booty pillows and BBL recovery supplies come in handy.

Here’s what each product will help you with:

  • Lumbar Molder Board

    For maximum comfort, support, and compression after liposuction or a Brazilian butt lift, wear this polystyrene foam liposuction board underneath your clothing.

    We created ours with a universal size and permeable polystyrene to prevent discomfort from wearing it for long durations. It’s soft enough to offer complete coverage while still offering optimal protection.

  • Abdominal Board

    The abdominal board after liposuction is curved but flexible enough to hug around your abdomen, flanks, and lumbar area. It is constructed of a double-layer high-stretch sponge.

    This lumbar molder liposuction is firm enough to add additional support and guard against jarring the back and abdomen. The board aids in maintaining a flat stomach while you recuperate because it is made of foam and soft textiles that protect your skin.

  • Lipo Foam

    For better comfort and quicker healing, lipo foam pads function by providing thorough compression over the healing zone and ensuring equal pressure.

    Anyone who has had abdominal, or liposuction surgery should use lipo foams as crucial post-operative rehabilitation assistance.

  • Female Portable Urinal

    You can use this mobile female urinal while standing up. Ideal for supporting your restroom needs both during and after your recuperation process, it’s essential following a BBL surgery.