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Lipo Foam Lumbar Molder Board for Liposuction,BBL Post Surgery Ideal Back Pressure



Will help to maintain even pressure on your Lumbar area to prevent fluid retention otherwise inflammation along with discomfort in the Lower/Upper will appear.

  • ACCOMPLISH BEST RECOVERY RESULTS: Foam Molder will help in getting the skin back to the muscle, avoiding folding, fluid retention, or irritations after BBL, back liposuction, or lipo procedure.

  • ANATOMICAL DESIGN FOR COMFORT: Backboard liposuction bbl breathable fast-drying polystyrene for all-day wear providing even pressure. It's soft enough there yet providing ideal Lower Lumbar pressure.

  • IDEAL WITH: Our Lumbar bbl board could be combined with Fajas colombianas, faja board,360 lipo foam wrap around , booty buddy pillow for bbl, lipo foams and boards & tabla abdominal post-surgery.

  • MADE IN COLOMBIA by women: for women using the best lipo foams w/ hypoallergenic fabrics to provide post lipo comfort without causing discomfort in the skin, ergonomic shape that fits your figure.

Are BBL Lipo Foam Lumbar Molder Boards Safe to Use?

After liposuction, you should take it easy and rest. Utilizing a surgeon-recommended liposuction foam, which provides even, smooth compression across a suctioned area, makes it simple to recover comfortably after your Brazilian Butt Lift.

My Booty Pillow’s Lipo Foam Lumbar Molder Board For Liposuction is the ideal partner when you need additional back support and to improve lymphatic drainage after surgery to give you the most significant results.

With a breathable, ergonomic, flexible, and firm modern design, the post-BBL foam board is ideal for comfort. It reduces dead space between compression garments and acts as a soft barrier for sensitive skin while flattening the treated area.

Compressing the lower back region to maintain even pressure on your lumbar area, the BBL board helps the skin reattach to the muscle, eases bruising, and minimizes the risk of hematomas and swelling in your recovery process.

Reduce fluid retention in a painless recovery with the BBL foam board. Made with soft seams that won’t pinch or hurt you, the foam triangle is placed on the back, just above the butt crease, offering maximum comfort.

You must include this accessory in your post-surgery recovery routine. The many benefits include:

  • Suitable for your skin

  • Minimizes edema while you recover

  • The lumbar region is supported by the anatomical design

  • Helps avoid retaining fluids

  • Breathable and super-fast recovery fabric

The Best Choice for Post-BBL Recovery

Using the lumbar molder will be beneficial to speed up your healing from cosmetic surgery. Both posture and the shaping effect are improved by lumbar molding.

You’ll be making the best investment for your recovery. Here’s why:

  • Back Comfort: The lumbar molder is the best option if you require additional back support following a cosmetic operation. Polystyrene, a sturdy and permeable substance, creates our BBL foam board. Additionally, it flattens the operated region while minimizing bruising and swelling by forming a soft barrier between the sensitive epidermis of your skin and compression clothing.

  • Support & Compression: Our BBL boards offer the right amount of compression at any post-operative stage to accelerate recovery and reduce swelling and bloating. It significantly lessens discomfort during rehabilitation.

  • Fits Perfectly: Our post-operative board is comfortable and is of the ideal thickness to use beneath shapewear. So comfy that you won’t even notice it’s there! Go nearly invisible underneath your garments with our top post-operative product. You can use it following a butt lift, stomach tuck, or liposuction procedure.

Start your BBL post-surgery rehabilitation with this liposuction backboard. With the help of our compression board for lipo, you can increase your chances of getting the best outcomes and guarantee the procedure's success!