How BBL Back Boards are Changing Post-Liposuction Care

How BBL Back Boards are Changing Post-Liposuction Care

Liposuction is major surgery and can have complications if you do not practice proper post-surgery care and do not rest enough. Even the simplest of steps, such as using a surgeon-recommended liposuction foam board, can make the healing process much quicker. With a surgeon-approved foam board, you can rest assured that you can use it without any worry or safety concerns. These compression ab boards can help you achieve the best possible results from cosmetic surgeries as they aid in the healing process. All side effects, such as fluid retention, inflammation, discomfort, and irritation after cosmetic surgeries, are significantly reduced with the use of such foam board.

How Lipo Foam Molder Boards Work

If you are to get a Brazilian Butt Lift, there is no better foam board for you than My Booty Pillow’s Lipo Foam Lumbar Molder Board for Liposuction. This BBL back board provides you with the additional back support you need after your surgery in order to improve the post-surgery lymphatic drainage to give you the best possible results.

The BBL back board made by My Booty Pillow features a breathable, ergonomic, flexible, and firm modern design that is meant to give you as much comfort as possible. Essentially, how this board works is that it reduces the dead space between the compression garments and acts as a soft barrier for the sensitive skin and keeping the treated area completely flat. By compressing the lower back region, you can maintain even pressure on the lumbar area. This compression helps the skin to reattach itself to the muscles, which will eventually ease bruising and minimize the risk of hematomas and swelling during the recovery process.

If you are looking for a lipo foam lumber molder board for liposuction, you should check out the foam molder made by My Booty Pillow. Our product can help you maintain pressure on your lumbar area to prevent any fluid retention, which can cause inflammation and discomfort if left unchecked. The molder back board for liposuction should be an absolute must-have during your recovery from Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, and with the BBL back board made by My Booty Pillow, you can rest assured that both your posture and shaping effect of the surgery will be improved with the use of lumbar molding.

This molder backboard is the perfect option for people who need some extra back support after the surgery. Given that this foam board is made out of polystyrene, you can get all the support you need while still having the compression lay on your back in a manner that does not harm the sensitive skin. The compression is just enough to reduce swelling and inflammation without causing any discomfort. The BBL back board is designed in a way that fits the shape of your body perfectly, and it can then be worn underneath shapewear without any worry.

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